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CM Land Development Website

CM Land Development builds Premier Lifestyle residences. It was born out of a merger between creative vision and a highly established residential contracting business. The company is based out of Miami, FL.

The company needed a website redesign in order to align their brand with the sleek modern designs they provide to their residential properties. The site opens up with a video tour of one of the beautiful Miami homes that CM Land has renovated. The video takes the viewer on a full tour of the mansion allowing the viewer to feel fully encompassed by the property. Additionally, there are tabs on the right hand corner of the website that can take the viewer to read more about the comapny, check out their portfolio of properties, read press articles, and view works in progress photos. In order to view all of CM Land's past properties, the portfolio page lists every past home they have worked on and allows the viewer to individually view each home.

Web Design Mockups:

Home Page


Portfolio Page


"811 Solar Isle Drive" Specific Page


About the Company Page

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Design & Development by Pilar Pagan O'Connor