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Nike Training App Yoga Campaign

During May/June 2020 while freelancing remotely for a digital agency based out of Portland, OR called Instrument, I worked on a campaign for Nike Yoga that is currently live on the Nike Training App.

Nike briefed us by asking for a digital campaign that would point people to the Nike Training App for everything needed to pursue yoga, whether it be classes, wellness tips, or product. Our pitch back included an idea that showcases a range of influencers who actively partake in their yoga practice, even if it's not how they solely identify. The idea for that was so we weren't just gearing towards the cliche "Yogi"; we wanted to propse the concept that Yoga can support whatever else you already do in your life.

The influencers we worked with included an NBA player & champion named Kevin Love, a Nike trainer named Branden Collinsworth a wellness activist named Nicole Cardoza a skater named Yancy Schwartz, a chef named Jocelyn Ramirez, and a teacher & podcast host named Lauren Ash. Once the creative direction was established, the senior designers hosted a remote photoshoot and interview with each influencer. From there I picked the selects from each photoshoot and mashed them together into a motion graphics piece that appears at the top of each influencer's NTC page. The team also created short videos of each influencer from the interview footage. The @NikeTraining Instagram page posted those of Kevin Love, Nicole Cardoza, Branden Collinsworth, and Yancy Schwartz.

The duration of this project lasted 1.5 months and was completed by a small team of designers, producers, videographers, and a copywriter from Instrument. I worked as a designer on the team with two senior designers above me.

The Campaign in Action on the NTC App






Still Assets with Text and Creative Direction Applied

Motion Graphic Assets with Creative Direction Applied

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