Off The Cuff: The Chaos Issue

Off The Cuff is Boston University’s only award-winning fashion and art publication, established in 2013, which bi-annually produces publications that celebrate the integration of fashion, art, and culture. Since its origination OTC has grown to a staff of over 200 students, and has collaborated with brands such as Glossier, Steven Alan, ColourPop, Lush, and more.
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Through working with OTC as a junior art director for my first three years and as an executive board Senior Art Director for my fourth year at BU, I worked with on an intimiate team of 12+ art directors and then lead that same group. For the twelth issue during the spring of 2019, OTC looked to explore the concept of Chaos and how we define the word through visual expression. I oversaw the print production of the final magazine, was the creative director for one shoot (Vertigo), and art directed several others.

There is no true cover for this issue; instead the viewer can choose to enter the visual chaos through either end of the issue. In the middle of the issue, the viewer notices a switch in perspective and must flip the magazine in order to digest all the content.

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Design & Development by Pilar Pagan O'Connor