Outside Lands 2018 Gifs

Superfly is an experience company that helps brands connect meaningfully to culture & create the future of live entertainment. As the graphic design intern at Superfly during the summer of 2018, I worked on producing content for the company’s upcoming music festivals: Outside Lands in San Francisco, CA and Grandoozy in Denver, CA. For Outside Lands I created original gifs that went live on Instagram and Snapchat. Many people used the gifs prior to and throughout the festival weekend on their Instagram & Snapchat stories. People can access these gifs by searching “Outside Lands” in the gif section of Instagram or Snapchat. I drew inspiration from the artists who performed at the Festival and from San Francisco itself.

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Grandoozy Merchandise Line

I designed this merch line for Superfly's upcoming music festival in Denver, CO. The Grandoozy brand plays a lot off of Denver's ski culture so I came up with a merch line concept that also relates to the ski culture. The concept depicts illustrated sneakers and shoes on skates, skis, and snowboards. I created the illustrations and then paired them with the Grandoozy logo to create each unique piece of merchandise. The line includes a long sleever shirt, a short sleeve shirt, a poster, a beanie, a tote bag, and pins. The line will be produced and sold at Grandoozy in September 2018.


Social Assets for Grandoozy

Instagram Posts for Grandoozy Experiences

Instagram Posts for Artists performing at Grandoozy

Instagram Posts for the Food selection at Grandoozy

Stage Graphic for in between sets

The Backyard Sign at Grandoozy

Original welcome sign graphic for "The Backyard" Experience of Grandoozy

The actual sign that was produced and used for the Backyard Experience

Social Assets for Jegs

In addition to producing content for Superfly's music festivals, I also worked on social media campaigns for Superfly's clients.
Jegs, the automotive performance parts shop, was a client that I created several instagram posts for.

Design & Development by Pilar Pagan O'Connor